Winter Solstice Somatic Ceremony 2023

Begins December 20th, 2023 

Death & Rebirth

Collaborate with the solemn energy that initiates Winter, and create an environment for contemplation, reflection, vision, and regeneration - physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and creatively.

Cultivate a sacred space to seal the year that is ending, to sow seeds for the year that will soon begin, to integrate what you’ve learned, and to ignite new pathways.

Get grounded, receptive, and generative through this powerful, in depth, muse-filled ritual. Move your body and your breath in ways that support your life, give you time to process and assimilate what’s going on within and around you, and weave an inspired, intentional movement into your day-to-day living through this seasonal ceremony.

Yule, or Winter Solstice, is an ending and a new beginning - a celebration of death and the rebirth of the sun, a sacred festival of a cold, dark night and the spark of light.

Invite the nourishment of the season into your body, heart, mind, and feed your creative spirit. Bless this threshold - the space between the completion of a cycle and the initiation of a new one. 

Build a sanctuary for the end 

Cast a spell for the beginning

Developing a relationship with the rhythms and cycles of the natural world helps us cultivate a meaningful relationship with ourselves and our environment. The seasons teach us to constantly and continuously adapt. As we attune to the earth, we become more conscious of how we treat ourselves, how we treat others, and how we impact the land through our actions.

The season is cold and dreary. The land, the beast, the plant are dormant. The energy in nature is quiet. The days are short, the nights are long. Winter offers a soft opportunity to slow down, to rest, to dream, and to cultivate deep wisdom. 

The earth receives that which we shed, and the seeds of our visions for what will come next. 

There are things to grieve and others to celebrate, things to receive and others to release. It’s time to tend to the hearth, to the heart, to the art of cooking a feast from life’s ingredients. Time to gather with loved ones and share stories and food. Time to stir the brew of dreams and ideas in the cauldron of regeneration. Time to cast a spell for transformation.

Enter The Cave Of The Season

Ignite The Light Of Your Vision

A Somatic Ceremony invites your body to remember that it is a part of an ecosystem. 

Ritual helps us commit and recommit to what we care about, release stress, receive strength, break down what needs to be repurposed, initiate or reignite a journey of transformation, and dismantle patterns that keep us stuck. Engage your whole being in this process and it will support you in making healthier choices for yourself, for your relationships with others, and for the earth.

When we move our bodies with the rhythm of the season, and invite the changing season into the body (through activities, food, practices, contemplation, observation, conversation, imagination, movement, and stories) we become more present, we are more able to make the changes that we want, and we connect more deeply to the natural world. We become stewards of the land. This process is transformative, empowering, and supportive.

This Somatic Ceremony invites you to move your body with the rhythm of a dark night, to cultivate courage in the gloom of Winter, to breathe with the receptivity of the season, to call in what you wish for, and to cultivate something nourishing and meaningful for yourself and for the world around you.

Yule is the breath of a season deep and rich in its archetypal, symbolic power.

This time of year calls for courage and tenderness, for surrender and strength, for resilience and rest. 

The Winter Solstice somatic Ceremony is a guide for this seasonal portal of transformation.

Darkness whispers an incantation that pulls the energy down into the soil and deep into the soul, the days are short, and sunlight is soft. Life’s power exhales, and we enter the sacred slumber of Winter. 

With the cyclical, recursive nature of existence, we’re reminded that life and death are never separate, that light and shadow are intertwined, that love and grief are nestled within one another. 

Yule marks the beginning of Winter.

This time of year is liminal; a space between death and rebirth, between the old and the new, between dissolution and creation. And it also shows us the continuum of life, the ways in which disintegration is inseparable from regeneration. 

Through contemplative ritual practices of movement and meditation, we will turn every breath into a meaningful exchange with the environment, into an event of embodied reflection, and receive the energy of the season as an ally in the process of making changes in ourselves and in our lives.

On the dark night of the soul

The crone dies and becomes the soil

The maiden is conceived as a spark of light

The earth is sleeping through her longest night

Enter the cave of hibernation

Breathe with the magic of your dreams

Weave the power of imagination

Through the threshold in between the years

Ignite the fire of the hearth

And call yourself home

Seasonal Somatic Ceremonies are journeys that integrate the personal and the planet, the self and society, the sacred and the secular, the natural and the cultural, where you are in your life, where you’re coming from, and where you want to go.

Join us for an intentional, immersive experience in the sparkles of the year's longest night.

with asana (yoga poses), pranayama (breathwork), meditation, contemplation, mantra (sacred sounds and chants), mudra (hand gestures), and magic! 

This ceremony is made of eight sections. You can take your time with it, or do it all at once. It is created to support you, and crafted to fit the needs of a busy life, without sacrificing depth. 

Whether you take a few hours to move through the whole process, or take your time with this seasonal ceremony and spread it over a few days or even weeks, this journey will nourish your soul and enliven your soma. 

What you’ll get:

Video: Theme

Contemplation of the season

Explore mythology, symbols, and teachings from the natural world as they relate to the beginning of Winter. This video is 60-90 minutes. You can take it on a walk or on a drive, to the bath or to your house chores, or you can make tea, light candles, and sit with a journal to take notes.

5 Videos: Practice

Five multi-modality practices

5 videos to embody the mythopoetic magic of Winter through practice (yoga based - asana, pranayama, mudra, mantra). Each practice video is 30-40 minutes. Each practice relates this moment in the season to an element in nature, and brings it deeply into the body.

Text: Prompts

Journal / Contemplation Prompts

Prompts to help you engage in the season on a personal and a collective level.

Video: Meditation

A meditation & pranayama practice.

One video with meditation, pranayama, and chanting, to support you through the transition into Winter and the space between the years.

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  • A deep process of integrating self and environment, nature, the body, the mind, the heart, the creative force, and society.

Winter Solstice Somatic Ceremony


On December 20th

No one will be turned away for lack of funding. Please contact us if you can’t afford it right now. We got you. 

Access begins December 20th, 2023 and it does not expire once purchased.

Participating in rituals with Hagar has been soul-shifting. Through these rituals I can connect with a softer, fiercer and more playful side of myself. This is a side that I know is there, but that is challenging for me to see and embrace. Through these rituals I know and accept myself more fully, and I am able to engage with myself and others more authentically.

Kelly Grace , Yoga Teacher

Hagar’s moon and seasonal ceremonies have been an essential part of my life during an epically challenging, a devastating year actually. What I love is that I can show up to these communal and ceremonial spaces that Hagar so lovingly creates exactly as I am, which is sometimes a mess, and find the experience spacious enough to envelop me however I show up. And I think this is because Hagar has a magical way of creating community and allowing all the pain, messiness, discomfort, grief as well as joy, beauty, sensuality, humor and grace of our human lives to coexist. Steeped in myth and ancient texts and the cycles of nature, these ceremonies simultaneously allow me and others to process experiences of the time we’re living in now and connect to ancient wisdom. Listening transfixed to Hagar’s luscious retelling of Hindu myths is both deeply pleasurable and deeply thought provoking, and how she connects these stories to mantra and movement to bring them into the body is an experience that is transformative.

Sarah Eggers , Therapist, Mama

Participating in Hagar’s ceremonies connects me to the larger cosmic story of which we are all a part, but which I often fail to recognize in the bustle of everyday life. Hagar creates beautiful containers of sacred space that help me drop-in to the beauty of my own life and the dance of earth’s cycles. Each ceremony is engaging for body, heart and mind, inviting creativity, play, reflection and intimacy. I always leave feeling more connected to the life-giving rhythms of nature, inspired by the other beautiful humans who show up with authenticity and openness, and more rooted in my sense of Self. The ceremonies help me to show up to my life with intention, leaving me more grounded, grateful and enlivened to move back out into ordinary life from a place of deeper love.

Stephanie Jenkins , Teacher

Hagar’s magical brew of myth, practice, and personal truth, help give my intentions form, my dreams substance, and the smallest parts of myself the permission to be. These ceremonies ground my life within the cycles of the earth in a poetic, yet matter of fact way. Hagar creates the space to connect to something greater without taking ourselves too seriously. She gives us a place to bring all of ourselves to. Having this space throughout the year to ponder myths and traditions, explore my own inner landscape and physicality, and connect to other like minded souls has been an anchor for me. It has helped give me strength in these trying times and a greater ability to find comfort with the uncomfortable. Hagar is a guiding light uniting us witches, thinkers, feelers, artists, and fellow humans together as we strive to build our lives with vision and purpose.

Julie Goldman , Dancer, Mama

I've been practicing with Hagar for ten years now, and I couldn't recommend her more. Hagar is able to combine community, ceremony, mythology, and movement in a way that is both profound for experienced practitioners, and accessible and welcoming for people who are new to the practice and/or skeptical of spirituality. Hagar is able to weave in stories and myths from a variety of different traditions in order to prompt discussion and reflection regarding relationships, family, and personal growth. I never know exactly what to expect from one of her ceremonies, but I'm always able to learn, and reflect, and gain new insight into my current circumstances. I always leave a ceremony reinvigorated and feeling like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders (or my hips, or wherever else I'm holding my stress and emotions). It's almost impossible to describe the journeys we take during these ceremonies . . . they really must be experienced to be appreciated!

Julianne Prescop , Attorney/Deputy Public Defender & Mama

Somatic Ceremonies are created by Hagar Harpak as a weaving of storytelling, movement, breath, and reflection, to support bodies, hearts, minds, and creativity in tuning into the changing season, receiving the gifts and the wisdom of nature’s cycles, and living in deep relationship with soma, soul and soil. 

Your teacher

Hagar Harpak

Hagar Harpak is a mama of two, a kitchen witch, a storyteller, a ceremony facilitator, a yoga, meditation, and breath-work teacher, an explorer of the intersection of Mother Nature, mythology, philosophy, poetry, magic, seasons, and somatics. She’s been weaving myths into movement since 2004.

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