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Soma, Soul, and Soil.

Classes, courses, workshops, writings, recipes, rituals, poetry and a podcast to inspire, energize, and support your creativity in your day-to-day existence.

To the witchy, the wild, and the wise

The wondering, the wanderer, and the weirdo

The sacred, the sophisticated, and the sensual

To the eccentric, the earthy, and the evolutionary 

The rebel, the real, and the raw

To the misfit, the moon-struck, and the magical

Welcome to this circle!

Call In Your Muse & Live Life As Art

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I’m Hagar and I am so excited that you’re here!

Mama Mandala is a collection of tools for sacred and secular, inspirational and intentional life in the modern world. 

Life is beautiful, it’s messy, it’s complex. Life is a journey, it’s a spiral, it’s a labyrinth.  What if the point isn’t to find yourself? You are a multilayered, ever becoming being. We are all prismatic. We are made of infinite strands, constantly in a process of reconfiguration. We are unfinished. What if we made space for our entirety? What if we empower ourselves to keep creating who we are?

Mama Mandala invites you to integrate your WHOLE self: body, mind, heart, and voice, shadow and light, tender and tough, broken and badass - as we weave mythology, symbols, metaphors, and archetypes, into somatic practices, movement, breathwork, and meditation. You are ever unfolding art, and every part of you is welcome! 

I’m so glad to be on this serpentine road of creativity, exploration, and integration with you!




A mama is a nurturer, a grower of life, a caring presence, and a source of nourishment. Whether an actual mother to children, a caregiver to plants, animals, other humans, or an artist, a writer, a dancer, a musician, we all nurture something. 

We are embodied, and therefore invited to mother our creative inner life, as well as who we are being in the world. 

Hagar with kids on her back
Hagar walking on boulders with her kids


The word mandala in Sanskrit means a circle. The configuration of geometrical shapes represent the universe, or different aspects of the universe (a god or a goddess). Drawing a mandala is a sacred ritual in several different traditions within Hinduism and Buddhism. Meditating with a mandala is considered to be a way into, or a way through, the vastness of the cosmos. 

A mandala is an unbroken continuum - one thing leads to the next, one thing becomes another. It is the cycle of life and all the cycles within life. It is the recursion of nature, the repetition built into existence. Mandala is the infinite unfoldment of the universe. Life holds us in the folds of its cycles, and invites us into the empowerment of making every breath meaningful, every season cherished, every day a gift. 

Mama Mandala is grateful for the wisdom that came from India, honors the stories, concepts, and practices, and holds the traditions and the teachings with deep respect.

We are held by the Mother, by a spinning planet, by the process of living. As we cycle with her, we are invited to create the life we desire, the self we want to be, and to turn recursion into a sacred ritual. 


Soma is an Ancient Greek word that means body. It is also a Sanskrit word that refers to the intoxicating elixir of the gods. Your body is a vessel that carries the nectar of cosmic creativity. How do you care for this sanctuary?


The soul can be seen as the psyche, the creative pulse, the animating force of life.  What is a soulful life for you? When do you feel most connected to all of existence? How do you nurture your spirit? 


We all come from soil and to soil we return. We all share the soil of this precious planet. We are nourished by what grows on this earth. Every breath is an exchange of nutrients. How do you nourish your relationship with the natural world? 

Tools for magical life


Move your body, connect to your breath, care for your heart, expand your mind, nurture your voice. Our More Than Asana yoga classes will guide you deeply into yourself and send you back into your life - grounded, spacious, authentic, and empowered. 


Ready to go deeper? Our courses are educational and experiential, inspirational and transformative journeys that build community, incorporate storytelling, yogic practices, and elements of nature, and help integrate the ever unfolding spiral of life. 


Words and ideas coming together and breaking open - recipes, poems, and essays. For the cauldron in the kitchen and the pot of the poet. Nourish body, mind, and heart, and nurture yourself as nature and art. Our writings are meant to inspire your life - inner, outer, the whole, and each part. 


Somatic Ceremonies are the weaving of storytelling, movement, breath, and reflection, to support bodies, hearts, minds, and creativity in tuning into the changing season, receiving the gifts and the wisdom of nature’s cycles, and living in deep relationship with soma, soul and soil.

Podcast - coming soon!

Mama Magic Podcast is a wild ride into your own power, creativity, critical thinking, and magic, a playful exploration of myth, metaphor, and symbol, here to support you as you navigate the wonders and challenges of modern living.

charlie kaufman

Hagar Harpak is a wonderful yoga teacher. She is kind, gentle, patient, and enormously skilled. Her lessons come from a place of deep spirituality and connection to the world and to her students.

Charlie Kaufman

Writer, Director, Film Producer

Hagar has been my yoga teacher for seven years. Her practice is life changing, I know that sounds so "hippie" but it's true. Her teachings help the heart mind spirit and body. Hagar is always on a spiritual quest to better her practice for those around. You know when she discovers something new because she brings it in the next day sharing her life's journey. She always knows exactly what you need.

Linda Perry

Singer, Songwriter, Music Producer

Hagar is an extraordinary yoga teacher. She is deeply passionate about the yoga arts and well studied in its traditions. She is a poet who weaves metaphor and myth through the practice of asana to create an evocative and transformative experience on the yoga mat. She ignites the hearts of her students and inspires them to rise to their greatest potential. Hagar is a blessing to her students, an inspiring mother and householder yogini, and a sadhana sister on the path of yoga that I am proud to call my friend.

Noah Maze

Yoga Instructor

Call In Your Muse & Live Life As Art

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