Kitchen Witchery

Inspired by colors, textures, scents, and season, 

health of self and planet are the reason

we gather around the cauldron here 

to brew together, so come on near!

With local, organic ingredients,

you don't have to be obedient.

Play with these recipes, and make them your own 

Plant-based and wholesome foods will set the tone

and now what seems to be ordinary

will be put under the spell of the kitchen fairy

and magic will sparkle your life

as you gather your herbs and chop with your knife!


Growing your own food, ethical foraging, and getting your produce at the Farmers Market near by, connects you to the land you are on. It is not only  grounding for your own body, but it causes less damage for the environment, and supports local communities. 

* We know this is not always available, and mean to inspire you to work with what is possible for you. 


Organically grown food gives your body the nutrients it needs without the harm of pesticides. Organic farming is more sustainable and biodiverse. It helps protect pollinators and wild life from toxic chemicals. It is non GMO, which is healthier, more environmentally friendly, and socially just. It helps create healthier soil, which is healthier for the planet, the community, and our bodies.

* Organic food is usually more expensive. We acknowledge the privilege of being able to invest in it, and want to do what we can to make healthy food more affordable and available for all. 


Following the season nurtures our relationship with the natural rhythm of life on earth. When we eat what's in season, we align with the cycles of the planet. This opens up the door to being connected to nature through body and home. Eating what's in season supports local farming, and helps establish a healthier relationship between self and environment. 

* Eating what's in season isn't always possible. You can only do  what you can.  


Dreamy Cauliflower Soup

This soup is insanely yummy! And it's vegan and gluten-free! It’s a fabulous first course of a fancy Winter dinner you’re making for your peeps. Maybe you’re having your besties over for a new moon

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Dreamy Cauliflower Soup

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