Full Moon In Taurus – A Tapestry Of Life & Death

October 28, 2023

by Hagar Harpak

The full moon in Taurus arrives during the season of Scorpio. Fertility and decay sip on each other’s scents, tangle roots and branches into one another, weaving together the tapestry of aliveness and death.

The archetype of Taurus calls us into the love of earth, into the pleasures of embodiment, into fragrance of soil and dirt mixed with the perfume of flowers. 

Scorpio pulls us down beneath the surface, deep into the darkness of a world hidden, one that can only be revealed if we are willing to meet the secrets of the soul, look into the eyes of our most feared demons, and tuck them under our wings as we cast a spell for the wholeness of life. 

The virility of the bull sends us into the surging energy of life’s power, pulsing with the undeniable desire to experience, to express, to exist. 

The mystery of the scorpion digs into death’s capacity for renewal, teaching us to transform in the dark, to face our fears, to turn decay into fecund soil, and to become undone in the waters of the unconscious, so that new possibilities could be conceived in unfamiliar grounds.

A full moon in Taurus invites us to get grounded, and to settle into our body as a temple, while  moving through the season of Scorpio, dissolving, decomposing, and deteriorating whatever feels dated. 

Both Taurus and Scorpio anchor us in our strength. Both weave the sensual into the very fabric of our embodiment. Both take us on a spiral deeper into who we are – grounded, fluid, beautiful, wise. 

Taurus is Aphrodite, with rose petals, and a crown of jewels reaching for the sun as its energy goes into the underworld. Scorpion is Lilith, refusing to be put into boxes, to be denied, to be defined, to be reduced. These two archetypes sit on the opposite spoke of the wheel of astrology. Each completes the other, each mirrors the other, each weaves the other deeper into its significance. 

This full moon is also a lunar eclipse, ushering us through a portal that leads the breath into new chapters, moving us through blindness so that we can midwife a new way of seeing. 

With everything that’s going on in the world, what is this eclipse revealing to you? Go beyond your obvious, immediate answers. Go beyond your opinion. Check into your biases. Check in with your guilt. Ask what needs to be reexamined within you through the way that you see the world around you. 

What’s reflecting back at you from the shadow of humanity?

What stories do you hear without questioning? Question them.

Scorpio season brings the crone, who is the trickster, the cackling crow, who shakes the world and forces us to reconstruct and redefine, but not before we break down, dismantle, and shed skins, tears, and perspectives. 

This full moon interrupts the conversation. It doesn’t want us to keep going in one direction. It plays with coming in and out of view, eclipsing and unfolding, in a season that pulls us into burial grounds that become the birthplaces of new ways of seeing, being, and listening. 

It’s not going to be light and fluffy. But maybe it doesn’t have to be hard. How do you want to be in a world that suffers, kills, destroys dignity, and disrespect life itself? Who do you want to be in a world where facts don’t matter, and anyone can say anything and spread their propaganda? Who are you becoming as you unravel with grief, burdened by ancestral tangles? What choices can you make as you navigate a space so loaded with agendas, it makes it hard to sift through and anchor in truth? 

Truth is not simple. And the fullness of this moon reminds us to keep moving between darkness and life’s desire to live, decay and light’s capacity to shine, the beauty of flourishing and its roots within the belly of death. 

These themes will be explored in great depths in the Samhain Somatic Ceremony, and will come to life through archetypes, stories, metaphors, and symbols, and brought into the body with pranayama, meditation, asana, mudra, and mantra in an embodied ritual. 

The Samhain Somatic Ceremony is a space for sacred secularity, inviting us to explore ourselves, society, and the environment through a mythopoetic lens, and dive into deep conversation with the seasons. 

Contemplate, connect, and cultivate a broad perspective in this rich, in depth journey. All the details are here. 

If you have any questions, please reach out.

Check out this practice for some dark goddess energy to help you navigate these difficult times.

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