New moon in Scorpio – depth, death, and dance

November 13, 2023

by Hagar Harpak

On a new moon in Scorpio we plunge into the depths.

Deep within the womb waters of cosmic soup, deep within where one form dissolves to become the intensity of new possibilities, deep beneath the surface of what’s known, deep under the ground, under the layers of protection, under the covers, under the skin, deep deep deep within, you’ll find the tender dark glow of this new moon in Scorpio, calling you into the closest to yourself and furthest away from yourself that you could ever be.

In the dark embrace of this fiercely attractive power, pulses the flame that pushes you away. It’s too hot to the touch. It burns the form and breaks into the formlessness that coalesces into new shapes. This is where the power of you morphs as it melts into the birth place of stars, the burst space of all that has come before, the breath of what might unfold. 

This Scorpio new moon hands you the very piece you want to reject, which is also the core of all that you’ve ever desired and longed for. 

Attraction and aversion grasp each other’s pincers and dance under the dark night sky the way that scorpions do during courtship.

Humanity’s fearsome face has revealed itself so clearly in the past few weeks. In the past few years, really. The ferocious has unveiled itself, and it is both the enormity of monstrosity and the portal of presence, an opening and a death, a shocking celebration of what should be clearly unacceptable, a heartbreaking reality surfacing. The depth of the unconscious, the stuff of nightmares has risen from the underworld to meet us. Can we meet the fear instead of becoming it? Can we be horrified without becoming horrific? Can we look at hate in the eyes and not become hateful?

This is the power that the Scorpio archetype invites us to play with. “You’re playing with fire,” it warns. “But if you want to transform you must burn.”

The thing about this archetype is that it pushes us toward danger. It presents us with death. It says yes to standing naked in the wind that will undress us from every form we’ve ever taken. It says yes to the sting. Yes to the poison. Scorpio knows that the poison must be used intelligently. And that poison can also be medicine. Scorpio knows that the sting protects and destroys. It understands that standing naked in a world that undresses you from power can lead you to cultivating more strength. How will you use it? Scorpio knows that death creates life. It understands that danger looms in the necessary doorways on the path of transformation.

Scorpio cares less about belonging, and more about authenticity, less about following clarity, and more about the muddy waters of ambiguity. We’re not looking for comfort with this ancient being. We’re looking to grow. Scorpio embraces being triggered, because the edge is where creativity emerges. Submerged in complexity, Scorpio pokes at the status quo and asks us to look deeper, to not give into this lens or that perspective. Scorpio wants us to ask more questions. 

It says NO to becoming too sure of ourselves. It rejects the idea that one side is good and the other bad. It laughs at righteousness. Anything that takes its form too seriously, anything that tries to hold on to itself too tightly, anything that sees things with too much certainty will meet the tail of the scorpion. This is not the realm of one sidedness. This is the unbound ocean of interconnectedness, of uncertainty, and of possibility. 

Go too far into one way of looking at things, and Scorpio will be there to turn your gaze in yet another direction. 

The waters of Scorpio run deep. And not everyone is going to feel ready to go as far as the archetype invites. Not everyone is ready to disintegrate. But the wild immersion in scorpio’s liquid fire can inspire a willingness to be possessed by an aspect of our spirit that isn’t simple, that isn’t binary, and that doesn’t follow just one narrative. 

This new moon in Scorpio begins a cycle that calls us into the intricate swirling of our tangled roots, into the pouring of our bleeding hearts into a cup that can hold the commingling liquids of perspectives, into the most vulnerable chambers that hold the sacredness of a secular vision that shatters the damaging forces of religion, and offers a reclamation of nuance.  

May this new moon in Scorpio hold your tenderness with care. And may we grow together the capacity to hold the brokenness of our world in ways that piece together peace, and weave together a net that can support us all. 

If you want to ritualize this new moon, this phase of Autumn, and this powerful archetype of death and rebirth, check out the Samhain Somatic Ceremony. It’s full of stories that will inspire the exploration of complexity, and filled with practices that can help process what’s happening in the world right now, and embody the power of this season as we prepare for the next. 

So much love,


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