Pisces Full Moon – Blue Moon – Super Moon – Deep Love, Wild Heart

August 30, 2023

by Hagar Harpak

It’s a Pisces full moon, blue moon, super moon, deep love, big feelings, fantastical fish, mountain mermaid, howling heart, growling ground moon! 

A blue moon is when we get a second full moon within the same month.

A supermoon is when the full moon happens on the closest point to earth on the moon’s oval shaped orbit. 

The size and brightness of this moon will appear larger and stronger than the average moon. 

There’s nothing average about her. She is coming in strong. Close and personal. Intimate and intense. And she might cause the tides to be higher than usual. 

The moon was full in pisces when the flooding of the Nile reached its peak in ancient Egypt. 

What’s flooding your life these days, sweet soul? 

Pisces is the archetype of the spiritual seeker, the mystic. It is the fish who swims in the ocean of the infinite, merging with primordial waters, the source of existence. 

A Pisces full moon happens when the sun is in Virgo. They sit across from one another on the astrological wheel. 

Pisces dreams. Virgo organizes. Pisces swims. Virgo anchors. Pisces dissolves individuality, and becomes one with everything. Virgo builds structures, brings order, differentiates, and does so meticulously, with an excellence that sweats itself out of perfectionism glands. 

With the Pisces archetype we flow into our ability to adapt. We learn skills of flexibility and fluidity. We adjust and shapeshift. We are changing.

Pisces is the sign that ends the cycle around the wheel of the zodiac. But we are not in Pisces season, we are in Virgo season. We are getting a taste of completion right in the middle of the cycle, as Virgo does mark the completion of the first section, the first half of the zodiac journey, which moves through the individual, the personal, and the private aspects of life. She guides us into the next phase, which works through the public, the collective, the communal realms of existence, culminating and ending in the ocean with the fish. 

Pisces season (northern hemisphere perspective) is the end of Winter, and it ushers us into Spring. It’s the time of year when seeds are sown. Virgo is when harvest happens, when we reap what we have sown and eat the fruit of our hard work. . 

Pisces full moon invites us into an ocean of love, into the embrace of the universe, into an expansive vision that submerges in the waters of infinity, and merges us with the cosmos. 

Sensitivity increases.

We are deeply receptive

The realms of imagination are open.

What are your fantasies?

Boundaries soften. There’s permeability. We realize that being an individual is not the whole picture of who we are. We are made of more space, more pieces, more bacteria, more otherness than human cells. 

Deeply compassionate, with this archetype we feel the world profoundly, we care deeply, and our empathy is amplified. 

Her feelings are deep. 

The profound Pisces intuition inspires connections that run deep, and it also provokes a slipperiness that wants us to escape the jaws of commitment. 

Virgo gives us boundaries and pisces melts them away. We need both.

This might be a beautiful time to explore the ability to think clearly and dream big, to feel into limitlessness and to create structures that can support expansive views. 

Pisces might want to escape the places where life feels confining, but Virgo will ground us into building something meaningful within a world that binds us to its conditions.

Pisces full moon shines its glory on the beauty of spacing out, on our need to get lost in fantasy sometimes, on the ways that checking out is necessary at times, because it helps us release hypervigilance, and allow the kind of creativity that can only emerge from being unfocused. As long as we come back to reality. 

Virgo sings the song of reality, of the earth, of the tangible, graspable, explainable. 

The full moon in Pisces weaves the relationship between the physical and the emotional, imagination and actuality, sensitivity and solid ground. 

The waters of pisces are the liquidity that takes no shape until it’s poured into a container. Virgo is the container, the capacity to hold meaning, to give form to the formless. And water changes the shape of its container. Slowly. Over a long period of time, water can make sharp edges smooth, and carve new paths within soil and solid rock. 

Water can be intense – makes sense that the source of life doesn’t only quenches our thirst, but can also drown us. The ocean is dangerous. Don’t mess with it. Jung associated the sea with the unconscious. The realms of imagination, the unseen, the unknown, contain incredible beauty, along with beasts and monsters that threaten our well being. 

Pisces’ symbol depicts two fish appearing to swim in opposite directions, sometimes thought of the earthly realm and the heavenly one. I think of the two fish swimming into the infinite that surrounds us – one from above, and the other from below. When you go deep enough down into the earth, you move into darkness. Dig further down and you’ll hit hardness. Go deeper and you’ll reach the heat of the molten core of existence. Keep going and you’ll find yourself on the other side of the earth, and when you look up you’ll find the sky again. The earth is surrounded by the infinite. There is no up and down. 

This full moon calls for broad vision with attention to details, the kind of love that feels transcendent, and the ability to discern, to sift through what’s present and find what matters most, and to be devoted to that which we’ve determined as most meaningful. 

Where are you swimming?

What are you seeing?

Where will you anchor?

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Happy Blue, Super, Full moon, my dear! 

So much love,


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