Poetry & Pose Classes

 Soulful, evocative, transformative yoga practices inspired by the work of great poets. Move, breathe, and bring into your body a contemplative exploration of poems to enliven your own creativity and enchant your heart and mind. 

Available to purchase as single classes. Sliding scale pricing - pay what you can. No one turned away for lack of funds; please contact us to request full scholarship.

This class is an embodied activation of a new cycle; an entryway into a new year through moving contemplation. For the beginning of a new year, a new season, a new moon, or a birthday - this slow, deep, and grounding sequence will weave your intentions into your life with your body and breath.

In this class we receive the wisdom of bell hooks and move our bodies with the power of love, which is always in deep relationship with grief. Breath will lead us into twists with tenderness through reflection and receptivity.

Channeling the power of nature and the nature of aliveness, Joy Harjo, Poet Laureate of the US 2019-2022, takes us in her poem “Fire” into our own power. This class invites us to connect to our strength through standing poses and a sprinkle of core work, and to breathe as an expression of our interconnectedness with all that exists. Joy Harjo is the first Native American to become the US poet Laureate.

Cosmic, extraordinary, and in the words of Ada Limon, the poet whose poem this class is inspired by; “not unspectacular,” we are invited to step into the immensity of the universe within us, for the sake of something greater than ourselves. A creative hip opening and strengthening sequence will guide our way. Ada Limon is the current poet Laureate of the US, and the first latina to hold that title.

This class is filled with grounding poses, balancing acts, and enlivening twists, inspiring us, along with Mary Oliver’s love poem to nature, Backyard, to play with our wildness, to kiss our untamed hearts, and to look at the places we want to bring home, to refine, to cultivate, and to nurture.

With her heart full of love and devotion, Akka Mahadevi reminds us in her poem, Silkworm, to work through our confinements; social, spiritual, political, personal. This class is an invitation to grapple with systemic oppression and generate liberation in our bodies. We will open up our hearts, stretch our shoulders, and work our way to a couple of (optional) inversions. It’ll be both energizing and grounding.

Make space for your own epiphanies! Through bow shapes, spine extension, thigh stretches, and serpentine moves, this class will fill us with Sohpie Strand’s words and take us on a journey of shattering into greater wholeness.

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