Sagittarius full moon – break up with certainty

May 23, 2024

by Hagar Harpak

The Sagittarius full moon arrives as a philosophical conversation between our animal nature and our cognitive human capacities, between sky consciousness and hooves that gallop on the earth, between pondering the meaning of life and precision in our actions. 

Sometimes the everyday is just not interesting enough for the Sagittarius archetype, and they aim high toward the vastness of the cosmos. The milky way seems to them like an invitation to spiral toward new possibilities. And the dark matter that permeates the universe pulls on their heart-mind strings, stimulating their desire to explore more. 

Sagittarius is attracted to spirituality, sometimes pulled toward the sacred vibes of religion, but this archetype also breaks the walls of closed mindedness, and dismantles dogma. Their adventurous spirit always pulls them beyond the tyranny of certainty embedded in religion, and toward a continuous process of weaving confidence and doubt.

This moon asks us not to fall into the trap of having faith, because faith ends up closing us off. Instead, it asks us to look at where we’ve been latching on to a certain way of thinking or being, to look at where we’ve been indoctrinated, to look at where we got too sure of something, and poke at it. Sagittarius is the energy of learning. And learning isn’t supposed to make us feel like we know a lot, it’s meant to lead us to the understanding that we know very little. 

We are making our way into the season of Gemini; the sun is dancing with this archetype that loves stories and songs, creating and connecting, inquiry and inspiration. The moon in Sagittarius – an archetype of wisdom, adventure, knowledge, and expansion – reflects the light of Gemini with their new ideas, their curiosity, and their love of words. 

And in this meeting of moon and sun, of reflection steeped in wisdom receiving the emanation of inspiration, what do we get? 

What ideas have you had lately? And how are they reflected in your aim? 

What words have you been speaking and repeating? And how do they interact with your beliefs and in your ability to question and carve a path of truth?

Truth is not one sided, not one dimensional, not a vision seen through one lens, not a certainty. Truth is ambiguous, complex, interwoven, multilayered, and made of a puzzle of perspectives and voices. 

Breathe and let the light of the moon fill you with wonder. Inhale an expansive view. Exhale and bring yourself into a world of manyness, of messiness. Breathe and let the fullness of the moon enchant your vision of a world that isn’t simple, but rather a deep, wide, wild ride through a vast, interwoven, ever pulsing cosmos. 

May you have a meaningful full moon. 



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