The Fullness Of The Moon Exhales With Unspoken Softness

July 6, 2023

by Hagar Harpak

Past the full moon in Capricorn with the devil

How does your body feel when the fullness of the moon passes, when the light exhales softly, when the waning phase sends the cycle into a new rhythm?

If you closed your eyes right now, and took a few moments to breathe into your belly, to inflate it as you inhale, and allow it to rest as you exhale, just for a few rounds, and then listen to the beat of your life, to the rhythm of the moment, to the pace of your heart, your breath, your thoughts, your to do lists, what would you hear?

Can you take a moment to do that right now? You don’t need more than 90 seconds. Just a quick check in. 

Go ahead. Soften your eyes and grow your belly wide and full as the breath flows in. Keep your eyes soft, or you can close them if that feels resourceful for you, and allow the breath to naturally flow out. Again – belly full on the inhale, and emptying on the exhale. And one more round like that. 

Now what rhythms do you hear? What do you feel in the heart space, in the beat of the inner drum? What song is your life singing right now? Close your eyes for a moment and listen . . .

What comes up for you?

What are you learning in your life right now?

What are you seeing when you close your eyes and listen deeply?

The season of Cancer is in its full bloom. The archetype of the mother, the crab in the shell, the home maker, creator of boundaries, protector of the deep blue sea, the lunar rhythmic dancer, the one that swims through the depths and reaches through the waves to initiate the season of Summer – she’s making a delicious meal with the abundance that the land is offering.

The moon was full on Monday, July 3rd, and the zodiac sign that illuminated the night sky was Capricorn, the sea-goat that leaps over from the beginning of Winter, to sprinkle its magic over this moment, and reflect the great light of Summer in the fullness of a moon that whispers reminders of life’s cyclical nature. 

The rhythm of the season includes in it messages from other seasons. When the moon is full, the message comes directly from the opposite season on the wheel of the year. 

The moon is now waning, and the archetype of the sea-goat has swam away, making room for swift transition of characters through the lunar rhythm of change. But Capricorn’s messages might still pulse and swim through our bloodstream, asking us to embrace complexity. 

Known for its seriousness, hard work, and patience, Capricorn is driven and knows how to get shit done. Paired with the tender, loving, caring, intuitive, empathic, sensitive energy of Cancer, we are invited into a dance of speeding up and slowing down at the same time. From deep listening into taking action, weaving the capacity to be content and to want more, to drop into the inner realms for wisdom, and to traverse the terrain of mountaintops, to swim and to leap, to wait and to move, to be both the soft tissue the hard shell of the crab, as well as the hooves of the mountain goat, and the tail of the fish that was associated with Capricorn in ancient times. 

Capricorn, the Wintery goat is associated with Saturn, with structures, with austerities, but it used to represent the embodiment of Pan, of nature’s wildness, of untamed sexual power, with the horns of the goat guiding us all the way to the horniness of the devil. We are multilayered, complex beings, intricately woven together with environment, with season, with history, with possibilities of future, with each other, and with other species. 

Symbolically, when the moon begins to wane, we are invited to harvest what has grown in the fields within which we planted seeds when the moon was new. 

As you listen to the beat of the drum of your heart, and ride the pulse both in and out, what do you feel is ripening in your life? What is ready to be picked? What is nourishing you? 

Right now we are at the very beginning of the waning time of the year, when we are still immersed in the bright light of the sun, biting on the delicious fruit that is ready for harvest (the nectarines are amazing right now, aren’t they?), receiving nutrients from what we’ve invested in, and hopefully allowing the gifts of Summer to bring us home into our inherent bounty and beauty. 

Waning time is an invitation to soften the edges of fullness, and allow the abundance to spill over, engage in the gifts of generosity through both giving and receiving, and to let the release of emptying out begin to happen within the inner realms, still concealed within the unseen, as the outer expression radiates abundance. 

We are reminded that wholeness is never without holes, never without breaking, never without spilling over and emptying. We don’t need to fix it. We can breathe with the wisdom of life’s cyclical nature. We need not sustain one state, but rather become fluid in the process of embodying what moves through us, and what we’re moving through. We can release the pressure of holding on to the peak, and allow ourselves to transition into other perspectives. 

As the moon wanes, may we follow the waves that move us into depths, where we learn to see more than one way of being, more than one facet of self, where we learn to swim with the diversity of songs. And as the waves move us to shore, offering us to rest on the sand, to bask in the sun, and to sip on watermelon juice, may we allow the softness of the season to weave a remedy for the harshness of the sun. 

Sending you abundance of hugs and the depth of my love,


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