Connected – a poem for remembering

February 10, 2023

by Hagar Harpak

mama meditations

I am connected

To those who came before

Those who sowed seeds

Those who sewed clothes

Those who raised children

Those children are my ancestors

Those who escaped harm

Those who stayed behind

Those whose blood was shed

I am connected

To the trees that grew there

To the teas my grandmothers brewed

And their food

To the plants they used for healing

To the land they moved within

Pushed away from

Settled into

Torn apart of

Hurt others on

Reoriented themselves by

Survived on

And didn’t

I am connected to the ground I live on now

To the pain caused by people who think they own it

To the color that blinds the heart’s deep vision 

And the harm caused by perversion



To the people who cause the pain

To those who hurt

Now and then 

To the people of the land 

To the plants that still grow 

And the plants that no longer 

To the trees the soil here nurtures

To the fires that burn so much

And to the survival of a lot 

To the seeds of hope

And the ashes

And the seeds of loss

To the rocks and the sand and the ocean

To the fame and fortune this city is obsessed with

And the world

I am connected to the babies I hosted in my body

And the life that they create

To who they are becoming

The unfolding

To their love and my love and our love

To the future that they make

To the children that might come through them

And to those who might not come

To their choices

To the land that they live on

That we leave in their care 

That I hope together we will learn to tend to

The stewardship of dirt 

And the call to make good soil 

I am connected

To you

To who we could become 


On our own


Maybe we will never

But perhaps we will 

And nothing is forever 

So we might as well 

Fill our hearts with breaths of possibilities 


Mountains and forest and foothills

Streets and roads and paths

Sunshine and rain 

Fungi and clouds and moon

Stars in the sky and snow

Thawing and flowing 

Streams and falls and rivers

Crevices within rocky terrain 






Boots and bare feet and bears in caves

And grandmother 

Standing on a rock

Circling in the air above ground

Holding a bouquet of wildflowers

I am her seed that turned to fruit

I am decay that fertilizes memories of future 

She smiles softly

She is connected

Eyes and bones and glands and stones

Place and nowhere

Never and always

Hair and smile and wrinkles 

Time and space and the twinkle in her everywhere

She’s not her own body 

Still her cells strangely pulse within me

We are connected

May 23, 2024

May 17, 2024

May 7, 2024

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