Eclipse Enchantment – A Portal Into The Unseen through The Magic Of The Moon

April 8, 2024

by Hagar Harpak

The Solar eclipse enchantment is on! Can you feel it? Are you imagining it? Is it coursing through your body? Are you part of it?

We are a celestial body moving through space, and today, the path of our star, our moon, and our own body – the earth – aligns. We find ourselves in a moment of darkness, a moment of silence, a moment that offers a portal to the unseen, to be with what’s hidden in the deep. We might meet the scary stuff. We might meet the exiled pieces. We might encounter the unwanted, the rejected, the forgotten. We might discover that what we saw as the other’s is in fact our own. We might arrive at where we thought there was a scar, but under the surface the wound still bleeds, and without us knowing, it calls the shots. 

As the moon stands between the earth and the sun, the breath of the shadow moves through our awareness. It wants to be seen. It wants to be inhaled, received, integrated, recognized as part of you, part of us, part of the fabric that makes the beautiful, flawed ever changing reality of our space travels.

Change is here. Always here. Breathing you, feeding you, eating you, digesting you, birthing you, chopping you, throwing you into the soup of existence, cooking you, devouring you, and offering you another chance. 

You need not to believe in the effect that an eclipse has on your mood. There’s no need to have faith in astrology in order to sit with the power of the moment. We can have our whole heart trusting in the teachings of the stars. We can stand on the outskirts and laugh at it, thinking it is nonsense. We can say; “it’s all just imagined by humans,” and understand that imagination is not not real, that imagination is key to our creativity. And creativity makes the world. 

An eclipse can be whatever you choose to make it. No one is waiting for you at the end of the eclipse with a prize for how well you interacted with the cosmic forces at play. You can think that all the energetic stuff associated with eclipses are all just made up by humans, and still partake in the feast of transformation offered by the wildness of your imagination. 

The moon influences the waters of the planet and the waters in our bodies. It tugs at our hearts, at the flow of blood and transmission of substances through our system, at the pulse of emotions. It orchestrates a liquid symphonic continuous event of ebb and flow in the sea of feelings within and around us.

A nocturnal creature, the moon lives in us as our secrets, our hidden parts, our mysteries, and our unconscious. Its phases conceal and reveal our nature as fluid, changing, and cyclical. It’s long been associated with the feminine.

Back in ancient times, before the patriarchy turned both women and the moon into dirty, dangerous, forces of instability, the moon accompanied women on their cycle of fertility, through bleeding and blossoming, receiving and generating, shedding and growing, becoming and dying. The moon kept women together. Now our lunar enchantment has become a reclamation of our dark feminine power. I’m not only talking about women here. The feminine is an energy, not a gender. It lives in women, non-binary people, and men, in elders, children, and in archetypes. 

Today the moon stands between the light of the sun and our own eyes, asking to be seen as a silhouette of transformation.

Eclipses were feared in ancient times, because people didn’t know how to explain the strange phenomena of a light source disappearing and then reappearing. Eclipses were demonized. Till this day, some spiritual teachers and astrologers tell us to be careful of the energy of an eclipse. But let’s also give ourselves the option that an eclipse gets to be whatever you choose to make it. 

We get to transform our relationship with ourselves, with each other, with plants, with our children, with our path, with our partners, with the planet, with aging, with society, with our lives, and with eclipses. 

The sun and the moon are dancing in the constellation of Aries. A new lunar cycle begins today. And the astrological wheel begins a new cycle with this sign as well. Aries is the first sign on the wheel, it spins us into a new journey through the rebirthing power of nature. She is the audacity of Springtime. He’s the initiative power of a season steeped in the energy of breakthrough. They are the impulse to start something, to go for it, to not hold back, to spark a fire that will create new worlds, to be bold and brave and badass.

Aries is a ram, a creature with horns, a character that can move and live through different terrains, an archetype that invites us to have a little chutzpah and claim our place in the world. The horns invite us into the power of pushing ourselves forward. And holy mother of the universe, this power has a shadow! But when we know the shadow, we can show up to this archetype and receive its grace.

Today, as darkness covers our source of light for a moment, it’s an obvious invitation to look at the shadow of the individual self, and how our society emphasizes individualism in ways that are harmful. But when we see that, when we understand that, when we know that, we can start to weave those insights into the gifts of our own personal self.

The shadow can also hide in it the spiritual world’s emphasis on dissolving the ego. The ethos of “t’s all one” has its own issues and problematic narrative. The “no ego” vibe is usually steeped in lack of awareness of ego. 

Individuality gives us difference, variety, multiplicity, diversity, complexity, and nuance. Difference is what makes this world, this earth, this galaxy, this universe. Difference makes beauty. Difference is creativity, and creativity makes a difference. 

You are one of a kind! You are a rare event in a cosmic light show, a sparkle in an ocean of darkness, a dark crystal that offers space for something new and revolutionary to emerge. You are part of intricate intelligence. Always interconnected. You are sometimes the same as other branches on the tree of existence. And yet never exactly the same. Similar and unlike any other. And you are never not part of the tree, never not part of the sky, the soil, and the soul of the space time continuum. 

Take space in the world. And make room for others. Show up with your whole being, full force, full you. And bring with you the sensitivity of listening to what others need as well. Your force has the capacity to bring blessings and curses. Don’t forsaken your force, guide your force be for the sake of greatness. Greatness is never just you, but it’s not without you.  

When is your force harmful? When is your power electrifying and can enliven the world with the kind of energy that creates new pathways? What differences and changes would you like to direct your power at? 

Breathe. Let the softness of a glimpse of darkness in the hours of light sing to you. Listen. And maybe, if you believe, or if you like to imagine, allow yourself to grab the horns of the ram, and direct the force of individuation in the direction that leads you into your own power, and into the ways that your power can bring value to the interconnectedness of the whole. 

With love and with the sparkle of gems that can only shine in a dark sky, I am sending you eclipse enchantments, and new moon magic.



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