Full Moon In Leo – the audacity to be who you are

January 25, 2024

by Hagar Harpak

It’s a full moon in Leo. Time to bring some pieces of self out for a moon bath. Time to roar about something you care about. There’s a wildness that purrs inside of you that wants to dance with your mane in the wind. There’s an untamed beast that craves the danger and protective power of the flame. 

The sun is in Aquarius. She bears the water and thinks big about the collective. She wants justice and she can see in her mind’s eye the possibilities, the path forward, the technology that can create new ways, the capacity to come together and stand for one another. 

The warmth of Leo burns for a brief moment in the heart of Winter. It lights up the night with the reminder that we are here on this planet, in this body, with these particular talents and quirks, and it wants us to step into our fullness, to not shy away from who we are, to breathe on the ambers of our authenticity. We must remember to let this authenticity continue to change. The warmth of Leo radiates from within, and doesn’t forget to include ourselves in the circle. This is an invitation to bask in our own brightness, to know our worth, to love who we are, even with all the cracks and flaws and regrets. 

The Aquarius sun keeps this self love in relationship to others, to the planet, to greater systems. It doesn’t want us to get lost in self. It wants to keep making more connections between self and surroundings.

“Your creativity is important,” says the lion. And they say it with such confidence, you feel the truth of it in your body. Your creative impulse pulses in you. It doesn’t need to be some huge project. It can be the small ways that you move around the house, the little touch of beauty that you give to the food that you make, the way you give your whole voice to singing along to a song that you love while driving the kids to school. 

This full moon invites us into the audacity of being who we are, without sacrificing others, but rather cultivating the tenacity that is required in order to create a life that stands together with other lives, a humanity that remembers that it is a part of the world, a society that becomes less obsessed with individual gain, and anchors into the wisdom of our interconnectedness, and therefore actively participating in building the kind of systems that support everyone. 

Listen, I don’t believe in utopia, I don’t really have faith in humanity, and it’s not that I think that we can create that kind of world. But that doesn’t mean I’m gonna give up on the work, on the vision, on the devotion. When the world shows us humanity’s capacity for horrific actions, its intense stupidity, our herd mentality, we can show up with tender strength, with a willingness to keep trying for something wise, and deep, and caring.

Leo’s lunar fullness shines on the shadow of activism. When we stand for something, or against something, are we doing it for the sake of humanity, or are we doing it because it is trendy, and it feels good, and it looks good on our IG? 

Leo is a great performer, and there’s obviously a need for theater, as humanity has been cultivating the arts of performance for a very long time. We process our own emotions through a character’s journey. We gain understanding of our own situations in life by following the story of a heroine on the stage or on the screen. We feel deeply when the lyrics of a song not only speak to us, but the voice and melody of the musicians reach our bones. Mythology comes to life through an actor’s grand performance. We need archetypes and stories, storytellers and musicians, artists and bards, poets and painters. 

And when we play on the axis of Leo and Aquarius, we want to become aware of performative activism. We’ve seen a lot of it over the last few years. It’s been quite astonishing in the last few months. 

Leo asks us to go into the heart. She wants to stick her teeth into the heart of the matter. Aquarius is a forward thinker. It focuses the energy on the vision for a world that takes care of everyone. Aquarius wants to pour the waters of life on the seeds of a much better future for all. Neither one of them wants to fuck around. Leo cares deeply. Aquarius thinks expansively. Both energies within us could benefit from learning more about the situation, from an education that isn’t rooted in someone’s agenda, from gathering more facts rather than opinions. 

The moon’s fullness shines a light on where we haven’t thought critically, but rather followed someone else’s narrative. Leo’s leadership capabilities could guide us into a courageous place, where we dare to put our paws down, and with confidence declare that we don’t know everything, and that we are open to learn. 

Learning requires that we move around the matter, move into the matter, and let it move through us. It demands that before we go to protest about it, we actually take in the different aspects of it, the variety of components that comprise it, the depth of complexity. 

Both Leo and Aquarius are fixed signs, which means they anchor us in a season, they represent the canter, the core, the essence of a season. It also means that archetypally, they are strong, they are rooted, they are less likely to change their ways or their opinions. So as we play on this axis, we can remind ourselves that the systems that we build for the sake of biodiversity, human rights, and ecological fairness, must be flexible, changeable, and fluid, and that we have more to learn. 

Here’s a little FREE talk for this full moon (you can listen to it while driving or cleaning or cooking).

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Wishing you a beautiful, meaningful full moon in Leo.

With love,


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