I Found A Tree

November 2, 2020

by Hagar Harpak

In the presence of of a tree

I found a tree

And she said she loves me

In her memory of her past 

She handed me my future

We breathed together 

She inhaled

I exhaled 

I exhaled 

She inhaled

We sat in silence for many lifetimes 

She grew stronger 

And I leaned against her trunk in awe

She lived so gracefully in the groves of my dreams

Widespread in roots

Wild spread in branches

Earth and sky bonded through her 

Leaves flew off of her in winds 

Leaves grew out of her through rain

Leaves fed animals 

Leaves told stories

I listened to them as I sat beneath her shade

And I heard my life in and out of being

Through these stories

She sang songs when she blossomed 

And I remembered my own blossoming moments

I could smell the flowers and I didn’t know if 

It was hers or mine 

She reminded me to sing songs of loss

Because it’s easy to sing songs about flowers 

But when you’re standing naked in the snow 

The songs might not be so easy to recollect 

I forgot what I came here for

And she said that would be a good time to sing

It’s hard to sing when no one notices you

Because your leaves are brown or gone and you’re just a dry old tree

And she whispered lovingly that this is precisely why 

These songs need to be played

Not just somewhere far away in the cold 

But on the radio

I had no ideas that trees knew what radios are

She laughed 

And I realized I don’t know shit.

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April 16, 2024

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