Liberate What’s Stuck

January 28, 2023

by Hagar Harpak

rain becomes a river flowing in the canyon

What is your soul singing about these days?

What is your voice longing to say?

Whose voice do you long to hear more of, and wish to share with others?

What’s stopping you?

Mother nature is preparing to bring her voice into expression. Some blossoms are already playing their seasonal music in some areas. In Southern California, the Evergreen Pear Tree has started to play its white bloom symphony. 

What areas in your life, what projects, what ideas do you feel are stirring beneath the surface of your existence right now? What is finding its way toward budding, and what is about to flower in your inner life?

This is the time of year when under the frozen layers, the promise of melting ice and flowing rivers is heard. In ancient, pre-Christian European cultures, this time was a celebration of cow, sheep, and goat milk beginning to flow. 

This is a powerful season to look at what needs to be more fluid, what wants to move with liquidity – in ourselves, in our relationships, and even on a collective level. This is a potent time to liberate what’s stuck.

Where is the stuckness? What’s stopping you from developing the projects that you want to bring to life? Why have you not gone in the direction that keeps calling you? Are there good reasons? Is it really stuckness? Where do you want to move from here? What’s the next step?

What feels like stuckness is sometimes a long brewing process underground. 

Sometimes stuckness is here to teach us important lessons. It is often where we spend some time right before a breakthrough. Stuckness can be a turning point. Stuckness can be a learning curve. 

What have you learned from the areas where the waters don’t flow lately? What are the meaningful messages you’ve been hearing in the blocked spaces, the stuck places, within the immovable parts? Share with us in the comments below. Let’s hold each other’s processes with tenderness and support.

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