Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse – Unleash Your Deep, Hidden Magic

May 5, 2023

by Hagar Harpak

penumbral lunar eclipse

Welcome to the Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Are you feeling it? Are you journeying underground? Is your shadow speaking to you? Are you listening? What is being stripped away? What must you place in the compost bin of your soul? It is time to unleash your deep, hidden magic!

Eclipse season (the first in 2023) is arriving at its completion with this Full Moon. Astrologers say we may feel under the influence of the eclipse for a few more days, some say even till the next new moon (May 19th).

We can choose to believe what astrology tells us. We can choose to question, doubt, and raise eyebrows. We can choose to be open, receptive, and willing to explore. We can also choose to ignore it all. 

Personally, I love the exploration of these myths and symbols – anthropocentric as these stories may be – ideas, and archetypal possibilities that breathe life into our human relationship with the sun, the moon, the earth, our own experience, and how we can weave our relationship with the collective and the cosmic. 

Scorpio is the archetype of death and rebirth, of transformation, of sensuality in its most raw form, of sexuality as the doorway into life, and therefore into death, of the underworld realms, the compost currents of existence. 

The opposite side on the Scorpio spoke of the astrological wheel is Taurus.

Taurus is present in the fecundity of the land, the fertile earth that gives rise to all of life, the sensuality of being embodied, the erotic nature within all of nature. 

We are in the midst of Taurus season right now. We are in the belly of the horned beast, in the heart of the blossoming plants, in the pulse of the living body that we are, in the soil of the sensual earth of which we are a part.  

With Taurus we’re enchanted with life’s pleasures, we’re called to the fields to smell the flowers and dance under sunlight or moonbeams, we’re reminded that beauty can be a message of deep meaning, that it has the capacity to turn the most mundane moment into an ecstatic experience. Taurus sings to us about our abundance, our enoughness. It grounds us into the dirt that nourishes our growth. 

Scorpio is the queen of shadow, the witch of death, the wild ferocity of the dark night of the soul, which gives birth to new forms through the alchemy of decay. 

The moon is our changing waters, our ability to move in phases, the soft, nocturnal luminosity that offers itself in different ways, our adaptable, and ever shifting nature; reflected. 

A lunar eclipse hides the reflective light of the moon, and shows us the shadow of the earth. It’s a cosmic performance of light and darkness, a game of concealment and revelation, a gateway into the unconscious, an opportunity to learn and cultivate a greater understanding of our own being – personally and collectively. It is an invitation into our own tenderness, our unresolved reservoirs, filled with the possibility that vibrate in spaces that are unfinished, and sometimes inconsolable.  

Are your wounds issues that you have to fix, or are they soft tunes, waiting for you to play? Are they something you must finally heal, or are they wells of wisdom, offering you a sip of insight and continuous transformation?

Dark night. Bright moon. Fullness. Then obscurity. And then a revelation. 

Scorpio roars with reverence for release. Some say that this Lunar Eclipse is a release party. 

Taurus reclaims pleasure as meaning making magic. The power of the sun radiates through this physical, earthy archetype right now, waiting for us to unleash the breath of bodily joy. To top it all off, the full moon in Scorpio is what pagans refer to as Lunar Beltane. AND May 5th this year, is the actual mid-point between the equinox and the solstice, so we can think of it as the actual solar Beltane (in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s Samhain in the Southern Hemisphere). 

We are circling into this sacred space, if we choose to step into it, and say yes to the deliciousness of life, yes to the pain that comes with it too, yes to our entirety – shine and shadow – to see ourselves, to see each other, to see the broken and the beautiful, the bleeding and the breathing, the holly holes in our wholeness, that keep us moving, growing, and becoming. The eclipse is allowing us to see more deeply because it hides the light. 

What are you reclaiming in this moment of concealment? What are you releasing in this threshold of revelation? What depths are you tending to? What ecstatic enchantments are you (finally) saying yes to?

Please oh please do let me know! Comment below and share your contemplation. It would be an honor to read what’s in your heart and on your mind. Thank you! 

Share this with others if you feel they would be into it. Thank you again! 

AND check out the Beltane Somatic Ceremony. It is a ritual filled with storytelling, mythopoetic exploration, symbols, metaphors, and practices that bring the season deep into the body, and fully into our lives. It is a gentle yet powerful way to dig into the depth of this Lunar Eclipse and this seasonal phase. 

So much love,


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