We Are Triangular – a poem to inspire

June 27, 2024

by Hagar Harpak

We are triangular.

There’s you, and me, and our relationship. 

There’s birth, life, and death 

One is never without the other. 

One and the other together make something else

We inhale, we exhale, and there’s a space between the breaths. 

The boundary of a living entity

And its permeability 

Together create a reality – the third thing

Life is unfolding as a triangle 

Life unfolds as many triangles

Pointing down, the triangle reaches roots into soil

A process of becoming

Forming, shaping, constructing. 

Thoughts, ideas, and visions unfurl into reality

Pointing up, the triangle sends focus toward the infinite

A journey of expansion

Into the unknown. Out of this world. Far toward the more.

Earthy. Cosmic. Both and…

Triangles express complexity – it’s never just one thing

Everytime there’s one thing, there’s actually two, and whenever there are two, there are inevitably three

There are three angles 

And then, of course, there are more

Three angles will refract 

More perspectives, more pieces, more layers…

Truths that connect pieces together

Truths that contradict each other and give us a pause

We pause, and then wonder – which is the actual truth? 

The actual truth is that there’s multiplicity

Whether the triangle points down or up, there are two more angles pointing us in two opposite directions, reminding us that more possibilities, more options, more stories, more voices, more points of view are at play.

The triangle is the container of being, 

the womb of the goddess 

And the portal into the womb

It holds all of existence

And it lets existence keep on going

Nothing is held in finality

The universe, the planet, society, the person that you are – form and flex 

There is a simultaneity of coalescing, breaking open, and falling apart

Stability. Change. And the way that they interact.

A sense of direction

The notion that there are other directions

The realizations that there is no direction 

Singular and multiple at the same time



Clarity without certainty 

We are triangular

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June 27, 2024

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