Liberate Yourself To Breathe the beautiful

June 13, 2023

by Hagar Harpak

A liberated woman can have many forms

Liberate yourself to breathe

Sacred and secular and sentimental

Life slithers across the landscape

Burrows and rises 


Not sure what this place is yet

Leafy. Living. Loving? 

Breathing beauty and burning bullshit 

Down to ashes

Be gone!

Body naked smeared in that which is no longer

Music moving me

Pulsing prayer

I don’t pray, but I like to play

So I shake and break the constraining weight

Of deciding what I do and what I don’t 

Restrictions lifted 

Can I free myself from those chains?

Can I exhale the heavy burden of 

The form that I brewed?

I am a fucking shapeshifter! 

Break down and coalesce how you choose 

But bullshit, like the phoenix

Finds its way 

Circling back into vision

Filtering the way that I see

Can I love the bird of insecurities?

Can I let her nest in this space?

Take care of her eggs?

I don’t know exactly how to gather the pieces

Broken shells and shattered dreams

Sheltered in the tearing seam 

Of reality

How to make something from the scattered sand

Of my existence

Take a deeper breath, I tell myself

Belly big with inhale

Doubts don’t need to dissolve

For the making of something meaningful 

Stand up on a big rock and look around

Valleys of unmet expectations

Spread beneath as far as the eyes can see

I raise my hands

Queen if disappointments

A gust of wind

Let it into my heart

A wild wander

Sweep through this mess

Land in my hand

Storm of sand swirling round my head

Get in bed


And laugh it all off

May 23, 2024

May 17, 2024

May 7, 2024

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