The Moon Is New In Virgo – Focus On The Process

September 14, 2023

by Hagar Harpak

When the moon is new in virgo, we can access and/or work with the part of us that demands excellence from ourselves and from others. There’s beauty in this desire to excel. Having high standards creates space for generating high quality everything. We can accomplish incredible things when we envision, show up, and pour ourselves into the work. But it can also stop us from trying to do anything, or make us deal with a lot of frustration – those high expectations aren’t easily met because the world is a complicated place, it’s not all up to us, and we are complex beings. 

I care less about whether or not you have virgo in your chart, and where it does its magic in the way your stars are aligned. I’m not an astrologer. I’m interested in the ways we can each invite the archetype into an intimate conversation as it dances its way through the collective sky, immersing itself in the light of the sun.

There’s an opportunity for self refinement in the darkness of this moon, and an invitation to find ways to ease off on perfectionism, to sing softly to our flaws, and to continue to work on what we want to give shape to. 

Virgo is tangible and changeable. It’s an earth sign, which anchors us in an embodied experience, a solid sense of self, and a realistic outlook on life. It’s a mutable sign, which means it ushers us from one season to the next, moving us through our capacity to shift the energy, to complete one thing and open the door to another. 

Work is important to virgo. As we recognize the ways that capitalism speaks through us, pushing our nose to the grindstone, we might want to pay attention to the body’s request to rest, and the heart’s desire to play. Maybe a new moon in Virgo is an invitation to bring a healing balm to our tendencies to beat ourselves up for not doing enough and not being enough, and also for being too much. A healing, medicinal energy is associated with this seasonal archetype.

While we care about the outcome (It’s ok! Everyone does! It’s natural. You’re human!), this is a beautiful time to look at the kind of focus we bring to the process, and to our relationship to how things turn out. We can let that gorgeous capacity to put our efforts into something and to invest ourselves wholeheartedly in our projects, become an opportunity to breathe into the actual work. 

You might feel extra critical sometimes. We all judge ourselves. We all judge others. Criticism is one of Virgo’s traits. But there are ways for us to engage in an inner conversation, a process of self reflection, that takes our judgment through a process that makes room for more than our own perspective, vision, and ways.

 How can you bring receptivity to this discerning eye of yours? 

There’s seriousness to this archetype, and we can invite it to guide us into what we care about most, into what’s worth our attention. What are we showing up to? Is it how we want to show up? What are we in service of? As we drench ourselves in the liquids of our deep care, we can call in some humor, and weave a playful spirit into the weightiness of what is significant to us, and into how we bring it into a relationship with something greater than ourselves. 

Meaningfulness guides the path for Virgo. She asks the question: what is most precious to you? And then she wants you to find the most efficient way to create it, to fulfill it, and to become it. 

Greek goddess Demeter is associated with this zodiac sign. She is the goddess of the grain, the mother goddess, the great power of the earth to bring forth from within her that which she cares about most; her children, the plants, the grain, the fruit. 

Demeter is the goddess of harvest. She is the hard work you put into growing something, and the fruit you gather, the nourishment that grows, and the capacity to create something more with it. And her presence radiates through this phase in the season. 

She is the mother of Persephone, goddess of Spring, who during this season prepares to journey to the underworld to become queen of the dead, and lover of Hades. (we go deep into this story in the Fall Equinox Somatic Ceremony).

Virgo season is harvest season, the end of Summer, and the last month when light is still stronger than darkness. When the season of Libra begins, the season of Fall begins with it. We pass through the Equilibrium of the Equinox, and Libra has its moment of basking in the balance it always seeks. And then it’s gone. And then darkness takes over (bwahahahaha). This is Persephone’s time to dive into the underworld. 

A lot of this lunar cycle will be in Libra. We get to plant seeds in the soil, in the body of grounded virgo, and nurture those seeds in the scale of Libra, where heart and mind seek equality. We get to dive into the power of discernment with both those archetypes. 

What are you sifting through as the season shifts? 

What are you thinking about and feeling into?

What are you working on? 

What are you embodying?

Here’s a FREE video I made for you to explore these Virgo New Moon themes and others. 

If you want to play with the scales of Libra, with Demeter & Persephone, and with many more symbols, archetypes, and myths, brought into the body through movement and breath, join us for the Fall Equinox Somatic Ceremony! Details are here

Sending you love on this new moon day. 

And if you’re celebrating Rosh Hashanah this weekend, I am wishing you a beautiful  beginning and a happy new Jewish year! 



P.S – in the image there’s a statue of goddess Tara (a healer archetype), The Hermit tarot card (associated with Virgo) from the True Heart Intuitive Tarot deck by Rachel True, The Boar (an earthly creature) from the Animal Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson, a fallen (almost) Fall leaf from a Sycamore tree, and some selenite crystals (cleansing and clearing)

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